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Customized RDP for Self-leveling Mortar

About Us
Shijiazhuang Xinweite Building Materials Co.,Ltd local at Jinzhou City,Hebei Province,China.
Professional in producing the HPMC,HEMC and RDP that using for the line of construction,Industry and Chemical. Xinweite company is a research and development production and marketing into a business with a number of highly qualified technical, rich superb technical personnel to advanced management and unique technology.We provide the construction additives with the best price and service to our customers, such as Re-dispersible emulsion powder,Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose. We can meet different type of products according to our customer requirements.Xinweite serve customers around the world.
Our Product
Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose,(HPMC). Re-dispersible latex powder,(RDP)
Product Application
Construction building materials銆両ndustry ceramic銆丳ainting material銆丱il printing銆丳olyethylene銆乀extile銆丳aper manufacture銆丆osmeticsCustomized RDP for Self-leveling Mortar